Giclée Prints

Most of Alastair Lockwood's art is available as giclée prints, please visit the gallery to view the images.


Giclée (zhee-clay) is a French term, in this case meaning “spray of ink”. A giclée is a means of reproducing an original. It is not an original graphic but a fine quality reproduction print. Giclée prints render deep, saturated colours and have a beautiful painterly quality that retains minute detail, subtle tints and blends.

The paintings on this site were reproduced as giclée prints on Hahnemule 310gsm acid free etching paper using 6 colour pigment light fast inks, all approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild.

The Number

Limited edition prints are very collectable. The faithful translation of original paintings into limited editions enables an artist's work to be enjoyed by more collectors. Alastair's editions are reproduced to a maximum of 250 copies. The hand written number which appears on each print is vital – it guarantees not only the size but also the authenticity of the edition.

The Signature

Each edition bears the unique signature of the artist. This signature authenticates each reproduction of the artist's original painting and also ensures the edition is to Alastair's complete satisfaction.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the prints on this site, please contact Alastair.